Meet Holistic Health Coach, Rayna McGinnis

holistic health coach - rayna mcginnis
Denver Holistic Health Coach, Rayna Mcginnis and her family
Rayna, her husband and her two Black Mouth Cur mixes, Savannah and Stitch.

Hi there! My name is Rayna and I’m a Holistic Health Coach. I live in Denver, Colorado with my husband, two dogs and four rescue cats.

I have a BS in Exercise Science and Nutrition from Metropolitan State University of Denver, and I have also spent countless years learning about how what you eat, how you exercise and the way you handle stress effects your body.

A decade ago I was was eating Paleo, rock climbing, heavy weight lifting and obsessed with healthy living. I was also a full time student, was working full time and traveled often. Life was fantastic on the outside, but little did I know that i was falling to pieces on the inside.

Over the last decade I’ve struggled with numerous autoimmune diseases. My symptoms varied from severe brain fog, fatigue and panic disorder to severe allergic reactions, multiple chemical sensitivity and clinical vitamin deficiencies. At the worst of it, I was only eating 600 calories a day, drinking less than a liter of water and my autonomic nervous system was failing. I’ve been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Candida Overgrowth, Hypothyroidism and Histamine Intolerance. I’ve spent months in bed and learned the hard way that I really am my greatest asset. With the help of my doctor and life coach, I found the support I needed to put my life back together.  They empowered me to make the right food choices for me, to learn to push my body in a way that’s healthy, how to detoxify my environment and to use stress reduction techniques in my every day life.

Throughout all of this, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that our body works as a whole. Your every day decisions effect both your body and your mind. Whether your goals are physical or emotional, you need a well balanced body to get there. I’ve learned the hard way that life isn’t a race, it’s a journey.

I now focus on holistic health, happiness and helping others. For most of my life I’ve tried to be what I thought was the very best version of myself.  But my motivation came from the outside and not the inside. I was constantly competing against this unrealistic version of myself that I imagined in my head. Now I do my best to live a life of balance by focusing on making good food choices, detoxifying my lifestyle, staying active and stress management. And I’m paying it forward, by helping others do the same.

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